Hilary Thompson

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Hilary's areas of expertise include: strategy and commissioning; children’s services, local government and education; change processes; and working with leaders and managers on organisational development and performance improvement.  Hilary’s recent activities have included: supporting implementation of integrated children’s services; working with top managers and elected members in local government; carrying out reviews and evaluations; and coaching for top managers in several sectors. 
Before her appointment to OPM in 1998, Hilary was acting Deputy Director of Education and Assistant Director, Resources, at Hampshire County Council.  Previous experience includes employment as a senior consultant with the public sector group within KPMG Management Consulting. Hilary began her career in the fast stream civil service, working in policy and planning. She has a masters degree in business administration and a doctorate in theoretical physics.

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Payment-by-Outcome in Welfare to Work
Lauren M. Cumming
Publication: February 2011