Testing Our Ideas

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A chance for you to have your say!

The Commission on 2020 Public Services is engaging with the general public, academics, policy makers, front-line public service professionals and interested organisations and communities through a variety of ways:

  • Citizen focus groups facilitated by Ipsos MORI (held in November 2009)
  • Your2020 site (Online polling, feedback on specific policy ideas etc)
  • Seminar and roundtable events
  • Meetings with the Policy Reform Group (Director Generals from across Whitehall)
  • One-to-one meetings with front-line public service professionals
  • Comments on our blogs 

Supported by DCLG Empowerment Fund
DCLG Empowerment Fund

Commissioner Leads
Greg Parston, Ben Page, Rob Berkeley

For more information please contact project director: Henry Kippin or Paul Buddery