Better Outcomes

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Public service reform to date has focussed on increasing inputs, and the belief that doing so would achieve the goals of public policy. This approach has become discredited with the public, who do not believe that they have received the value expected from the significant increases in public expenditure over the last decade. Moreover, if increased inputs are needed to improve outcomes, the next ten years will be bleak given the state of public finances. Using comparative case studies, the project explores the benefits of commissioning for outcomes, how to overcome the challenges associated with outcome commissioning, and suggests which public services are best suited to this model. The report will make the argument that outcome commissioning has great potential to improve the yield and value of public service action, but that it will be a complex change which will probably work best if implemented in stages over a significant time period.

Supported by Partnerships UK
Partnerships UK

Commissioner Leads
Geoff FilkinDr. Greg Parston

Working Group
Alastair Dick (Serco) and Gary Sturgess (The Serco Institute)

Advisory Group
David Behan (Department of Health), Greg Beales (No. 10), Tim Byles (Partnerships for Schools), Alan Cave (Department of Work and Pensions), Andrew Cozens (Improvement and Development Agency - IDeA), Seb Elsworth (ACEVO), Rebecca Harrington (Camden Council), Azad Ootam (Home Office), Michael Harris (NESTA), David Harrison (Partnerships UK), Chris Ham and John Tizard (Birmingham University), Andrew Mckeon (Audit Commission), Ian Keys (Pinnacle), Peter Thomas and Julie Taylor (Ministry of Justice), Nigel Walker (Creative Commissioning).

To be published in late 2009.

For more information please contact project director: Lauren Cumming