Equality, Cohesion and Public Services

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What are the likely trends in diversity of the UK population to 2020?  What is our vision for the role (and possible limits) of public services in reducing inequalities and promoting a more cohesive society in 2020?  How will public services deal with difference in 2020?  There will be a particular focus on race/ethnic issues in the UK, but will also include other important dimensions of difference (gender, age, economic inequality, disability, sexual orientation and religion).

Supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Barrow cadburyJoseph Rowntree Foundation

Commissioner Leads
Rajinder Mann and Rob Berkeley

Advisory Group
Sir Keith Ajegbo, Shobha Asar-Paul (Dudley Local Authority / PCT), Jabeer Butt (Race Equality Foundation), Sue Dutton (Ex-CE Association of Colleges), Neena Gill (Labour MEP West Midlands), Anne Harrop (Joseph Rowntree Foundation), Rachael McIlroy (Trade Union Congress), Susie Parsons and Pheobe Griffith (Barrow Cadbury Trust), Debbie Phillips (Leeds University), Professor Anne Power (London School of Economics), Sarah Spencer and Amanda Ariss (Equality and Diversity Forum).

To be published in early 2010

For more information please contact project directors: Paul Buddery or Zubaida Haque