Scoping the Challenges

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A three part project which provides Commissioners with background information needed to inform the rest of the work programme. 

1) The historical context of public services and a stocktake of the evidence on policy reforms and innovations to date 

2) The drivers for change for public services and framing the implications for policy created by these drivers.  Presents pragmatic scenarios for the future of public services and isolates the principal policy choices. 

3) An examination of the economic and fiscal issues involved in setting our vision for 2020 public services, providing the historical context, contemporary analysis and future alternative funding models that will need to be considered if we are to redesign affordable, quality public services to fit for the needs of citizens in 2020. 

Supported by Ernst & Young
Ernst and Young

Commissioner Leads
Bridget Rosewell, Julian Astle, Tim Besley

Advisory Group
Geoff Filkin (Commissioner), Craig Baker (Ernst & Young), Helen Bailey (Treasury), Robert Chote (IFS), Ben Jupp (Cabinet Office), Bob Chilton (Commission Advisor), Peter Thomas (Ministry of Justice), Simon Parker (Institute for Government), John Tizard (Centre for Public Service Partnerships, Birmingham University).

A Brief History of Public Service Reform, June 2009
Drivers for Change: Citizen Demand in 2020, June 2009
The Transformation Challenge (to be published in early 2010)

For more information please contact project director: Charlotte Alldritt