The Commission on 2020 Public Services Work Programme

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The following projects and activities are being undertaken by the Commission on 2020 Public Services throughout 2009-2010 to explore evidence and generate ideas for the future of public services.

Scoping the Challenges
The historical context of public services and a stocktake of the evidence on policy reforms and innovations to date; an exploration of drivers for change for public services and framing the implications for policy created by these drivers; and an exploration of the economic and fiscal issues involved in setting our vision for 2020 public services.

Citizens, State and Society
Investigating options for a new social contract between the Citizen and the State, including rights and responsibilities, and the role of the third sector and civil society/family.

Comparative Public Services
Lessons from public services around the world. 

Local Public Services
A new citizen-centred vision for local government in 2020, and the principles and model - including governance, funding, decision making and accountability - required to implement this vision.

Equality, Cohesion and Public Services
An investigation of the role (and possible limits) of public services in reducing inequalities and promoting a more cohesive society in 2020.

The Future Delivery of Public Services
Examines of issues related to the delivery of public services, including: lessons from past attempts at change; competition and accountability; joined-up public services; fostering supply-side markets; targets and accountability mechanisms; fostering citizen control.

Better Outcomes
Explores the benefits of commissioning for outcomes, how to overcome the challenges associated with outcome commissioning, and suggests which public services are best suited to this model.

Public Technology
The opportunities technology can create for public service reform and its associated risks (including data sharing, privacy, institutional risk aversion, the role of government/private sector and digital inclusion).

The Transformation Challenge: Delivering a new model for Public Services
This workstream will look at the question of how the Commission's vision for 2020 Public Services can be implemented. 

Commissioner Working Papers
A collection of papers exploring the underlying assumptions in public services, specifically considering social care, housing, education, contributions and benefits to the system, and accountability.

Testing Our Ideas  
A chance for you to have your say!